Creating yourself – Creating Ukraine!

Our students

The Academy’s students are motivated teenagers who strive to develop and make their own informed choice in the life.

The Academy’s students are proactive high school graduates and 1st year students at higher education establishments.

They include leaders of the school and students parliaments, FLEX graduates, winners of the Juniaor Academy of Sciences competitions, Olympics, contests etc. They all strive for self-development, think deeper, change their environment and build up successful future.

This year the largest number of students represent Lviv, Kyiv, Ivano-Frankivsk, Kharkiv, and Donetsk regions.

This year the largest number of students represent Lviv, Kyiv, Ivano-Frankivsk, Kharkiv, and Donetsk regions.

Every student keeps his or her own profile in which they record their goals, dreams, actions, reflections and achievements.

This way the students keep tracking the changes that happen to them over the study period. Each of them managed to achieve a few ambitious goals. Someone set up his or her first project or ran a half-marathon. Someone finally read the books they were going to read for a long time before, as well as survived the first backpack trip. Often at the end of the yera students achive the results they never even expected before.

Over the year, in average, every student:

  • reads 16 books
  • runs 400 kms
  • volunteers for 120 hours
  • delivers 4 presentations/lectures
  • enges in setting up 5 events

Our students say:

After several months with the Academy, I heard dozens of times: “You have changed so much”. However, I didn’t feel the difference especially side by side with my peers who grow up along with me. Once I started analyzing, I realized how dramatically my life changed externally: relocation to a different city, new people, intensive training, travels, ato name just a few things. I changed very much internally as well: I started talking about my feelings, emotions, phobia and anxiety, started protecting my personal borders, exploring my zones of development. Academy is the place of magic people, opportunities and experience.

Marharyta Lytvyn,

Over the 3 months, I met many unbelievable people - students, entrepreneurs, Academy’s team, national leaders and lecturers. I started jogging and got more involved in sports. I started recording lectures and planning my time, as well as my next steps which used to be quite a challenge. I became more resilient and am now able to find a way out of any situation. I establish my aims and achieve them. It’s my short story about a brief time at the Academy. What’s going to be yours?

Vlad Skorokhod

This is the youth that right now changes their communities.

Anastasiya Glukhova

- implements project “Swallows” within which students run funny lessons for the kids struggling with cancer.

Svyatoslav Koval

- coordinated a charity event “The Christmas Tree of Good” thanks to which the kids who had found themselves in difficult circumstances received presnets on St. Nicholas Day.

Viktoriya Plysak

- organized an event for more than 20 teachers, found lecturers and raised funds.