Creating yourself – Creating Ukraine!

Our social impact

We work to transform Ukrainian society essentially through initiative conscientious young minds.

The Academy educates future value-driven leaders and shares its experience of working with young people and society.

During the one-year program, our students shape themselves as proactive responsible individuals with a broad outlook. We help them strengthen their values and make a more conscious choice of profession and direction in life.

Students communicate with lecturers from leading universities, officials and opinion leaders, explore the world's best practices in entrepreneurship, education and science, national security, health and state formation, and national identity. Young people gain practical experience of fulfilling projects and volunteering, find tools and a team to implement their own ideas.

After 7 years we already have 1206 graduates. After the Academy, they create ambitious projects, develop their communities, undertake internships and work in influential organizations and companies, and have no reasons for leaving Ukraine.

The active participation of our graduates in the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the building of the volunteer movement confirmed the importance of our mission and activities for Ukraine.

We share our methods with the community as every year we implement over 100 public projects on leadership development, project management, media literacy, healthy lifestyle, traditions, and more.

The Academy was the first in Ukraine to develop a culture of mentorship.
We actively promote volunteering and have created the first Ukrainian telegram bot for good deeds. Each student volunteers 120 hours a year for the community of the city in which he or she studies. Every year we tackle the issue of the Holodomor at the global level and promote authentic Ukrainian traditions among Ukrainians.

We have already covered 268,000 people with our projects.

To work with communities even more actively, we aim to create 10 Leadership Development Centers in strategic cities of Ukraine.

We are supported by 30 partners, including socially responsible businesses, the state, and international donors.

Together we create a community of conscientious leaders capable to bring qualitatively transformation to Ukraine.

I listened to project presentations from students of the Ukrainian Leadership Academy and, you know — I have no doubt that Ukraine will soon become an example for others! I wish the whole country was like this so that Ukraine was charged with such energy. It is necessary for people like them to get a quality education, feel free and have access to all the opportunities. They will stay here and build Ukraine of the future, which we will all be proud of.

Volodymyr Zelenskyy
the President of Ukraine

On May 15, 2018, we ate the European Council were visited by the group of students from Kyiv wearing red t-shirts branded “I am Ukraїne I love freedom”. I had a chat with them. For a long time, I haven’t seen such an enthusiasm and positive emotions among young people.

Donald Tusk
ex Chairman of the European Council. Excerpt from “Szczerze”

Our mission:

The mission of the Academy is to influence the underlying social processes in the Ukrainian society by forming a generation of young people who take responsibility for our nation and have the necessary skills for this.

Our slogan:

Creating yourself - Creating Ukraine!

Every tomorrow starts today!

Our values:

Be free!
Be real!
Be a friend!
Be wise!
Be creative!
Because we are Ukraine!

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