Creating yourself – Creating Ukraine!

The Academy is the energy of active youth.

It is the place where young ambitious Ukrainians with new values eager to change themselves and the country.

The Academy

is communication with young Ukrainians, who are already developing their communities, creating socially important initiatives and striving to realize their potential in Ukraine. They are the drivers of the country — inspired, ambitious, and dreaming of creating a better world. The Academy is an environment of people who develop Ukraine.

Value-driven entrepreneurs, government and communities team up with the Academy to invest in youth and education as a guarantee of the country's development.

Andrii Zdesenko

the Founder and the President of Biosphere Corporation, the owner of Charisma Fashion Group and a co-founder of the Vapiano restaurant chain

"Did you create or discover yourself first?" students of the Ukrainian Academy of Leadership asked me during our meeting. This is the question that helped me look at my path again and understand the reasons for success and failure. So much energy, sparkling eyes, interesting and unexpected questions you will not feel and will not hear at any conference.

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Our graduates generate bold ideas for society and business

Right now, these young people are developing valuable projects in IT, media, agro-industry, ecology, raising socially important topics. They are innovators who know how to form teams, organize processes, find resources and get the job done.