The Ukrainian Leadership Academy (ULA) is a program of personal and social development, main element of which is the 10-month formational course for secondary school graduates. It combines elements of physical, emotional and intellectual development based on values. Academy’s Mission is to influence the underlying social processes in the Ukrainian society by forming a generation of young people who take responsibility for our nation and have the necessary skills for this.

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Physical development is an integral part of our daily life. Through personal challenges, such as half marathon at the end of the academic year, we practice teamwork and physical endurance. Every morning we start with sports. Whether ballroom dancing or track and field, or yoga, or martial art – we equally enjoy the process and interaction.


Own experience creates the best memories and solutions. Emotions are what we experience inall our activities: sports, volunteering, academic program, and especially in travels. Thanks to travels throughout Ukraine we get to know our homeland, and thanks to travels throughout the world we understand what and how needs to be changed. One day a week we devote to volunteering, helping community, in which we live.


Knowledge and ability to use it shape us as leaders. About 50% of the Academy’s program is devoted to promoting the development of our intelligence. Wise, informed and meaningful decisions of new leaders change Ukraine. For 10 months the Academy is visited by more than 60 lecturers and opinion leaders with lectures.

Day News

  • The fourth graduation ceremony of the Ukrainian Leadership Academy commenced!

  • Not everybody can change the future. Special people – strong, skillful and inspired – are needed for this. And they should receive special training.

    Valerii Pekar, Lecturer at ULA
  • The Academy means moments. Moments when you feel joy of having a real team along with you, united by the common goal – to make every Ukrainian happy.

    Edem Galimov, Student, Crimea
  • The Academy taught me to perceive people the way they are. Everything that seemed unrealistic before the Academy started to come true already during the learning.

    Halyna Didula, Student, Lviv
  • The Academy is a space of people who create the reality for the country and the world that will be a dream for present and future generations.

    Natalia Popovych, Lecturer at ULA
  • For me the Academy is a change that improved my life. This is a movement that will change Ukraine.

    Yushchak Ivan, Student, Lutsk