Graduates 2015-2016

At the end of June 2016, 39 students from all over Ukraine became graduates of the first such Academy and have already entered high-status universities: National University of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy, University of Warsaw, Ukrainian Catholic University, Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv, etc.

2015-2016 GRADUATION

ULA is a platform for unification. It unites people who are ready to study and work for the future – their own and that of Ukraine.

Nazar Bakukha, Slovyansk, Donetsk region

I want to thank the Academy for the most productive and most useful year in my life! Thanks to the rapid development, training, and support, I realized that I could change myself, the world around us, and Ukraine! Step by step, slowly but steadily, you can achieve your goal!

Anastasiya Bezpalova, Lviv

I was accepted to the Academy just before the beginning of the studies and perceived it as a crazy undertaking. But it turned out to be much more of an adventure than I had expected, it enriched my life with things I had never known to exist!

Slavik Vereshchagin, Kharkiv

The Academy is when you are here and you are real. And there are a lot of people like you. Here a family is born, it gives you everything – support, help, faith, friendship, love. You really feel happy here.

Maksym Vyshnianchyn, Lviv

The Academy is about moments. The moments when you feel joy of having a real team along with you, united by the common goal – to make every Ukrainian happy.

Edem Galimov, Simferopol, Crimea

This is a place that gives you an extraordinary opportunity to discover new horizons and get to know yourself. Here, true friendship and an ability to understand each other are born. We are creating the future!

Valeriya Golierova, Kharkiv

The realm of changes and opportunities, the place where self-education is a normal routine, while self-improvement and that of your friends is an integral part of every day spent at the Ukrainian Leadership Academy.

Konstiantyn Honchar, Lviv

The Leadership Academy has helped me make a great step towards knowing the uniqueness of every human, every person, including your own.

Ivanna Hrebeniak, Ternopil

The year in the Academy has changed my life forever. Here, I’ve overcome dozens of challenges which I would have never taken on in real life. Why in real? Because the Academy is a fairy tale where your dreams come true, where you can do whatever you like, where you always have support, where you can find friends for a lifetime.

Dymyd Mahdalyna, Lviv

The academy taught me to perceive people the way they are. Everything that had seemed unrealistic before the Academy started to come true already during the studies.

Halyna Didula, Lviv

The Academy is the people who unlocked my potential and discovered a lot of good in me. This is the place that absorbs your worst sides and fills you with interesting ideas.

Marta Didula, Lviv

The Academy is a place where people learn to serve others in order to create healthy and happy society.

Iryna Zabuha, Kyiv

The academy became our home for 10 months, it became a place where we have changed, where each of us has learned to think outside the box. Here we have realized that we can do everything as long as we really want it, and we can do it together with people who cherish the same values as we do.

Anastasia Zafiyovska, Lviv

The Academy is a powerful wave of inspiration that fills you from the inside and pushes you into the whirl of life. Ready to work, create and change the world.

Khrystyna Zayats, Lviv

The Academy taught me not to be afraid to choose paths away from well-trodden ones, to change and not to be afraid of change, not to be afraid of mistakes, instead use them to improve. The Academy has not changed life, it has taught me to change it myself.

Illya Karelin, Kharkiv

The Academy has become another world where I can fulfil the things that used to be but a fantasy or a dream. There are opportunities to develop, learn and create. Be free!

Yaryna Koziy, Lviv

The Academy taught me not to be afraid to make the first steps towards my goal, as well as dream, dream, and dream again.

Yevheniya Komartsova, Kharkiv

The Academy is first of all about people who will be there for you for 10 months, whom you will meet. And believe me, they will exceed all your expectations. Another such team and so many like-minded people in one place will be difficult to find.

Kateryna Koshlan, Lviv

I am incredibly grateful to the Academy and our entire academic family for the opportunity to stay in such an inspiring environment. This year has completely changed my course of life and helped me better understand myself and others.

Sofia Krayinska, Lviv

The best thing about the Academy is that it brings gifted students together to live for 10 months under one roof and helps them become a super-powerful team by having fun, debating, communicating, and driving each other crazy. Also, the academy makes it possible to get acquainted with people who are very useful for personality development.

Volodymyr Makarus, Dnipro-city

I used to live in my own world. I wanted to change something, but did not know how, did not know what and where should be done. The Academy has opened a new world for me; a world that offers many opportunities. Without a doubt, this is the best thing that has happened to me so far.

Bohdan Malanchuk, Lviv

The hardest thing is to finish the Academy and realize that after 10 months of intensive training, you bear an incredible responsibility for future changes, no matter how large.

Kseniya Matusevich, Odesa

The Academy is a constant source of inspiration. Here dreams come true, ideas attract like-minded people, new projects are implemented. The education that brings pleasure only!

Yuliya Razinkova, Lviv

The Academy is not a place where you have to sit at a desk, it is not a place where they “shove in” knowledge or impose certain values. First and foremost, it is a place of opportunities, where you can express yourself. Everyone absorbs from this program as much as possible: acquaintances, knowledge, self-confidence, friends, or extraordinary experience. I would be happy to experience it again.

Daryna Romanchuk, Lviv

From the very beginning, we learn from the lessons of life. The Academy is a magic place where we learn to make decisions and learn from their lessons. The place of the grandiosity of thoughts, flight of imagination, whirl of memories and treasure of experience concentrated and generated in a simple room by simple people.

Rostyslav Kubik, Lviv

The Academy is a unique place where you begin to see life in a completely different light, you get to realize that there is nothing impossible and start accomplishing the impossible on your own.

Denis Samovarov, Dnipro-city

Studying at the ULA is all about stepping out of your comfort zone, opening up new abilities, destroying stereotypical notions about yourself and the world. All this was made possible thanks to support and a friendly atmosphere. I am very grateful to all those who created this project and those who were there for me for these unforgettable 10 months.

Margarita Safonova, Zaporizhzhia

After the Maidan, many opportunities open in Ukraine, the Ukrainian Leadership Academy is the best opportunity for young people. I’m happy that I was accepted to the Academy and every time when people read the slogans on our “branded” T-shirts, I think of it and feel joy.

Yaroslav Shurhot, Berezhany, Ternopil region

The Academy for me is about changes that have improved my life. This is a movement that will change Ukraine.

Ivan Yushchak, Lutsk

The Academy is the place where everybody becomes genuine. A place where you open yourself and others for 10 months. The place of happy people.

Mykola Yaschuk, Kyiv