Families host families

"Families host families"

Every family can help Ukrainians fleeing the war.

Families host families" is a joint social volunteer project of the Ukrainian Leadership Academy and the FEDORIV agency, which calls on families in every corner of Ukraine to help other families fleeing shelling and bombing.

We want as many families as possible to accept internally displaced persons. This will give a positive impetus and support to the society and the Armed Forces of Ukraine, as well as demonstrate our unity to the world.

Millions of people are already forced to leave their homes and look for new housing

Internally displaced persons need immediate humanitarian assistance like housing, food, clothing, medicine, and psychological support. The state and numerous volunteer groups do take care of it. However, this resource is not enough. One of the most effective ways to meet the challenge is to join volunteering with the whole family.

We are united not only in the fight against the enemy but also in mutual support in the rear

Ukrainians do not leave anyone on the street, they do not leave anyone in trouble. We demonstrate unity, both in the face of the enemy and in supporting other.

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