Oleksiu Oleksyuk



Oleksiu from the village of Rudivka in Lugansk region. Loving underwater hunting and playing with siblings in rugby and basketball. Love life.

Victor Godny

Deputy administrative manager


Victor came to Poltava from Kamyanets-Podilsky. He is engaged in military-historical reconstruction, organization of festivals and commercial tourism.

Sviatoslav Kelym-Zolotayko

Projects & Partnership Mentor


Svyatoslav comes from Poltava. By education, the artist is engaged in graphic design, adores music and jokes.

Oksana Azhniuk

Educational Program Mentor


Oksana from Uzhgorod. Likes documentaries, radio, storytelling, horseback riding and Scandinavia.

Sinaver Seitomer

Mentor for social development and expeditions


Sinaver is from Crimea. For four years she has been active in youth activism, hitchhiking to the Sahara desert in Morocco.

Alexander Chorny

Mentor for physical development


Alexander from Zhytomyr He loves extreme rest, travels and Ukrainian poetry. In his free time draws and plays chess.

Maria Mariana Dronyak

Mentor of communication and emotional development


Mariya Mariana Lvovyanka. She has been in theater and studio for seven years. Loves languages ​​and dialects. Dance Lendy Hop.

The following year after foundation of the first Ukrainian Leadership Academy in Kyiv, another branch was opened in Poltava. After passing a multilevel selection, 40 secondary school graduates and university students from all over Ukraine enrolled in a 10-month academic program. Tempering their body, developing intellectually and emotionally, students of the Poltava branch work hard every day to become leaders of the future Ukraine.