Head of the branch

Liubomyr is from Ternopil. In his youth, he collected coins, stamps, and butterflies, and now he is into running and swimming.


Deputy manager of projects and partnership

Lviv is Ivanna’s home city. She likes embroidering and canoeing. She knows 46 different techniques of traditional Ukrainian embroidery.


Mentor of intellectual development

Oleh is from Lviv. He is fond of boxing and running. His favorite author is Myroslav Dochynets.

Ievgeniia Seraya

Mentor of social development and expeditions

Ievgeniia came to Lviv from Kharkiv. She loves climbing and tourism, her longest hike lasted for 63 days.


Mentor of physical development

Serhiy is from Kharkiv. His hobby is active and extreme sports, traveling, dancing, reading books, chatting with interesting people, individual and company games. Like to dance bachat.


Mentor of communications and emotional development

Eleonora is from Kyiv. She participates in debates for more than four years. She made a documentary about elder women.


Deputy manager on administrative issues

Olena is from Rozdil of Lviv region. Her hobbies are handmade postcards and candy bouquets.

The Ukrainian Leadership Academy’s Lviv branch is located in Briukhovychi village. It has 40 talented and ambitious students open to changes, including secondary school graduates and 11th grade students, 1st and 2nd year college and university students from 18 regions of Ukraine. Having different age, different interests and hailing from different cities, all of them have one common purpose: creating themselves and being of use to Ukraine and the Ukrainian society.