Nadiia Savynska


Nadiia from the city of Kerch. Her hobby is volleyball and photo. Earlier, she collected beautiful shells, collectable stickers of Beverly Hills, wrappers of various rubbers and robots.

Ekaterina Chabala

Deputy Administrator

Catherine is from Kiev. He is fond of drawing, intellectual competitions, buying books and creating higu.

Volodymyr Ivanchenko

Deputy administrative manager

Maksym Nikolaievskyi

Educational Program Mentor

Maxim from Kharkov. His hobbies are bowling, cinema, table tennis and skates.

Julia Drozd

Mentor on Intellectual Development

Julia was born in the village of Belousovka, Mykolaiv region. Her hobbies are modern embroidery, travels to Ukraine and the world, sports and grass picking.

Oksana Podoprigora

Mentor for social development and expeditions

Oksana is from Kyiv. She likes to swim. During the trip photographs of sewer manholes with the emblem of the city. She loves children, and since childhood she was dreaming of an acting career.

Mykola Fisaiuk

Expeditions & Physical Development Mentor

Mykola was born in the village of Bubniv in the Volyn region. He loves sports, volleyball, table tennis, martial arts, in particular national ones, running and, in general, everything connected with a healthy way of life.

Katerina Cherevko

Mentor of communication and emotional development

Katerina from the Rubizhne Lugansk region. Her hobbies are running, yoga, any schoolchildren, the Academy of Modern Retired “Boomerang”. Collectively surprising and creative. Under the work desk there is a mentors box, mentors beech, sleeping bag and crown

The Ukrainian Leadership Academy in Kharkiv is the first branch opened in Eastern Ukraine. Our goal is to influence development of Ukrainian identity in the city and region by creating a leadership movement. The Kharkiv branch has 40 students representing 14 regions of Ukraine. Among ULA Kharkiv’s regional lecturers are Maksym Rosenfeld, Viktoria Cherevko, Olena Puhl and many others.

Serving and helping those in need is an instrument of forming a responsible society. Therefore, ULA Kharkiv works closely with civic organizations, foundations and programs that require active youth. We have created the Volunteer Circle with KHODA competitiveness department, the Center for Rehabilitation of ATO Soldiers, Sisters of Mercy Charitable Foundation, Caritas Kharkiv Charitable Foundation, Kovcheg animal shelter, the Center for Animal Protection, Feed the Soldier, Southern Post Civic Organization, Fall In With Us, Kharkiv Station Charitable Foundation, Spalah, Prosthetic Care Center of Kharkiv Military Hospital, Kharkiv Regional Center of Blood Service, The Ukraїner, and are continuously expanding it.

Million Hearts in a Single Beat, Kharkiv ULA for the Entire Life!