For international applicants

Thank you for your interest in applying for the Ukrainian Leadership Academy!

The application process is slightly different for international applicants. After you submitted your online application you will be contacted by our manager, Marta Sydoryak, who will lead you through the rest of the application steps.

Some important information to note for international applicants.

The cost per student comprises of $12,500 (excluding administrative costs) for 10 months at the Ukrainian Leadership Academy. However, we ask that students from diaspora only cover the following:

  1. Roundtrip flight to and from Ukraine
  2. Food and Housing at $4,700 USD for 10 months*
  3. $1,500 for the Israel and EU expeditions** (optional and to be paid after the expedition takes place)

The scholarship covers the rest of the costs such as:

1. Program costs
a. Educational program
b. Educational materials
c. Educational forums
2. Administrative support
3. Expeditions within Ukraine
4. Medical insurance
5. Transportation in Ukraine*

Details on costs

* – Food and Housing take place on ULA campuses in a dorm-like setting, therefore there will be no need to find housing.
* – Transportation in Ukraine is covered during their studies at ULA. It is not covered during their vacation days, or monthly days off.


– Must be 18 years old by October 15th of the application year.

For example, if you are 17 years old and applying to be a student in 2019, you must turn 18 by October 15th, 2019

– Must have intermediate to advanced listening and speaking Ukrainian language skills

If you have a beginner level of Ukrainian, you must attend a one-month intense language course in Ukraine, at your own cost, prior to becoming a student at ULA

– Basic knowledge of Ukrainian affairs, culture, country, etc.
– Preferable to have had international experience beforehand


The Ukrainian Leadership Academy does not currently supply college credits. However, we are working diligently on this matter.

Gap Year

For students from the United States and Canada, the simplest time to take a gap year is between the end of high school and beginning of university.
We believe that a year in between school and university can be greatly beneficial as it allows you to become an active member of the change-making sphere in Ukraine, create a long term impact on Ukraine, immerse yourself in Ukrainian language and culture, and most of all it prepares you to come to university well-read, strong, opinionated, impassioned, and with an international perspective. This is the type of experience which prestigious universities look for and therefore only enhances your educational and professional portfolio.

Legal Status – Length of Stay

Since most non-Ukrainian citizens are not able to stay in Ukraine for longer than three months, we will lead you through the process of applying for a visa Type D.

If you have any questions, concerns, or would like to speak to a current ULA international student please contact Marta Sydoryak at