Ukrainian Leadership Academy expedition to the European Union 2019


This April, the Ukrainian Leadership Academy is visiting 7 European countries with an educational expedition. We will meet with European high-ranking officials, innovators, civil activists, and the Ukrainian diaspora. Our expedition aims to gain new knowledge and experience to return to Ukraine with new ideas and energies to perform changes in our country!

Also, we will spread leaflets across the continent containing information about the Academy, Ukrainian music and….

Top 5 Facts About Ukraine You Never Heard

Ukraine’s Rockets Rock
– Yes, we produce fully-functional rockets capable of carrying cargo into space. The rocket family is called Zenit and designed in Dnipro. It holds over 70 successful launches up to this day. “Unless you count our, “Zenit” is probably the next best” — Elon Musk told CNN in 2017.



“Carol of the Bells” made in Ukraine — “Shchedryk” is a Ukrainian New Year’s Carol, written by composer Mykola Leontovych in 1916. “Shchedryk” was later adapted as an English Christmas carol, “Carol of the Bells”, by Peter J. Wilhousky, and the song became popular in the United States, where it became strongly associated with Christmas, and later – worldwide.



Vernadsky Antarctic Station — is a Ukrainian research base operated by Ukrainian scientists since February 1996. We are proud to be on the list of fewer than 30 countries which own research bases in Antarctica and conduct constant scientific research. The station was gifted by the United Kingdom and renamed after an outstanding Ukrainian mineralogist and geochemist, Volodymyr Vernadsky.  



The first Constitution in the WorldThe Constitution of Pylyp Orlyk was a 1710 constitutional document written by Hetman Pylyp Orlyk. It established a democratic standard for the separation of powers in government between the legislative, executive, and judiciary branches, well before the publication of Montesquieu’s Spirit of the Laws. Pylyp Orlyk’s Constitution was unique for its historic period and was one of the first democratic state constitutions in Europe and in the world.


Russia Attacks Ukraine — In February 2014, Russian soldiers invaded the Crimean peninsula and began Russian aggression on Ukrainian territory which led to the ongoing war which has taken over 12 000 Ukrainian lives. Russian military forces have occupied more than 44 000 square kilometers of Ukraine, which is half of Portugal or Austria, and more than Denmark, the Netherlands or Belgium.

We appeal to the people of good will and the governments of the European Union to continue to support Ukraine and sanctioning Russia until international order is restored and the Russian occupation forces leave Ukrainian soil.


We are thankful to our partners and donors for the support that made our expedition to the EU possible!


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Pics by nadjozna