Beach Restoration, Cycling Festival, Campaigns in Brussels and Tel Aviv Dedicated to the Holodomor: What Young Ukrainian Changemakers Did During the Year

More than 200 boys and girls aged 18 to 21 presented their social projects, which they have been working on for ten months at the Ukrainian Leadership Academy. Dozens of projects related to education, culture, historical memory, ecology and charity, the results of which were seen by students’ parents and friends, as well as the Acting Minister of Health Uliana Suprun and the Head of the EU Delegation to Ukraine Hugues Mingarelli.

“I am very happy to watch the Ukrainian Leadership Academy growing up”, Uliana Suprun, the Acting Minister of Health, commented. – The experience and mission of this project should once spread to the whole Ukraine. And this is a task and a test of a completely different category, because the question is not only about people who have long dreamed and wanted. There will be those who are against changes”.

According to the CEO of the ULA Roman Tychkivskyi, during 2017-2018 academic year, students of the Ukrainian Leadership Academy devoted more than 44,000 hours to volunteering, which is equal to 12 work years of one person without weekends. During this time, they succeeded in implementing a number of social projects, the results of which influenced public opinion not only in Ukraine, but also abroad. Including:

Uncounted since 1932
In Tel Aviv and Brussels, students opened Uncounted since 1932 street food restaurant with Holodomor dishes. Through food and history, they told politicians, journalists and citizens of 20 countries about the terrible tragedy of Ukrainians and called on them to condemn the crimes of the past. More than 200 publications were published in the Ukrainian and international media, and the total coverage of the campaign reached 100 million.

Chaika Beach Restoration Project
The project of the Mykolaiv Center for Chaika Beach Restoration won the tender of the City Public Budget – the idea was supported by 1,500 people. Students conducted a survey among Mykolayiv residents and would soon embody their dream of the beach with Wi-Fi, a Bluetooth column speaker, a sports ground, recreational and children’s areas. Thus, with the support of the city council and the city’s residents, there will be open space for recreation, studying and sports in Mykolayiv.

Charitable Run in Memory of Ihor Branovytskyi
Students of the Kyiv branch for the third time held a charity run dedicated to the memory of the dead heroes in the person of Ihor Branovytskyi, a Ukrainian military man from Pushcha-Vodytsia, a participant in the war in the eastern Ukraine and a defender of the Donetsk airport. The collected funds were directed to finance public projects.

“I Do Care” and “Summer for Older People”
During the year, students of the Lviv branch together with !FEST Holding of Emotions raised funds for activities for lonely older people who are under the care of the Lviv City Territorial Social Protection Center. More than three hundred retired people, for which concerts and English, yoga, dance classes, etc. were held, were involved. The objective of projects is to strengthen connection between generations through communication and non-formal education.

As part of the project, 39 students from the Kharkiv branch visited 14 villages in 4 regions of Ukraine, examined the needs of residents, and organized the project thinking training for local activists and schoolchildren. As a result, 82 project applications, for example, for the construction of a summer cinema and a children’s playground, school modernization and the creation of a football team, were created. In each village, the winning project will receive UAH 50,000 from Agrotrade Group for the implementation.

In May, 230 students and members of the ULA team also visited 25 European cities in Belgium, Italy, France, Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Poland to advocate Ukraine abroad and study the models of the formation of EU state institutions. The expedition became the largest ever mission of young cultural diplomacy in the history of independent Ukraine. In his welcoming speech, the Head of the EU Delegation to Ukraine Hugues Mingarelli called the graduates of the Ukrainian Leadership Academy young reformers and wished: “Each of you must remember that there will always be forces in the country, ready to do everything to prevent the reform process. If you want to have a chance to win and you want Ukraine to become open and democratic, you have to work together, otherwise you will lose. For strength is always on the side of those who are together. Therefore, unite, young reformers of Ukraine!”

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