200 most talented high school seniors will be selected in Ukraine

All active school and college graduates aged between 16 and 18 years, who succeeded in various spheres, do volunteer work, participate in youth programs or self-government and see their future in Ukraine are invited to compete for a grant for study at the Ukrainian Leadership Academy. The ULA’s ten-month educational program offers a pause after the school to help you find your purpose, cognize the country and the world, make a conscious choice of the future profession and reveal your leadership qualities. Applications are accepted on ual.org.ua until 7 April.

According to data by Head Hunter, 68{9799a103308aa21bd8980f4a20ea80bd6feef741a6a66cf6494ee1f7907bf706} of Ukrainians work outside the field of their specialization, and one of every three of them changes profession right after graduating from a college or university. It seems that they enroll mostly for the sake of degree, pressured by the parents or the society”, Roman Tychkivskyi, Ukrainian Leadership Academy CEO says. “We at the Academy provide an opportunity for talented boys and girls to try themselves in various roles, reveal hidden abilities and gain skills that will help them make the right choice in the future. We gather the best youths who want to change not only themselves but also their city and their country”.

To develop critical thinking in students, the Ukrainian Leadership Academy offers an academic course featuring over 30 disciplines, including project management, history, financial and communications management, etiquette. In addition, students read philosophical treatises, literary fiction and take intensive English classes. They do sports and various forms of arts, and travel the country, studying its features and conquering the Carpathians.

In the course of the study, students learn about the principles of state-building in European Union member states and Israel and meet world and Ukrainian leaders, from members of the European Parliament to Sviatoslav Vakarchuk who is a member of the ULA Supervisory Board. At least one day a week is fully devoted to volunteer work. On these days, students help communities and implement their own social projects. They borrow extensively from the successful experience of the Israeli Leadership Academy, whose graduates comprise over 30{9799a103308aa21bd8980f4a20ea80bd6feef741a6a66cf6494ee1f7907bf706} of the country’s political and business elite. The ULA’s program receives support from the Presidential Administration, Ministry of Science and Education of Ukraine and Ministry of Youth and Sport of Ukraine.

The Ukrainian Leadership Academy teaches to win over yourself to make sure that our country wins”, Lilia Hrynevych, the Minister of Science and Education of Ukraine says.

Today, the Ukrainian Leadership Academy has five branches in Kyiv, Lviv, Mykolaiv, Poltava and Kharkiv. In the next 10 years, the ULA plans to open branches in all regional centers of our country. Almost 250 students have graduated from the Academy in three years. The life of some of them has drastically changed. Thus, Ivanna Hrebeniak from Ternopil dropped out of the Institute of Journalism of Taras Shevchenko Kyiv National University to enroll in the Academy, and after graduating from the ULA, decided to follow her dream and enrolled in University of the Arts London. Thanks to the Academy, the ULA’s Mykolaiv branch graduate Vladyslav Ilyin found his purpose, and today, he serves in the Marine Corps.

All candidates for students are required to undergo three selection phases, where their motivation, leadership skills, fluency in English, physical training and ability to work in a team are tested. After the last phase, the best 200 candidates will receive personal grants of 12,500 dollars each for the study, accommodation and health insurance, provided by Western NIS Enterprise Fund and the ULA’s partners.

Feel the atmosphere of the Ukrainian Leadership Academy in this one-minute video: https://goo.gl/MnZUYn

You can submit your application until 7 April 2018 at: http://ual.ua/anketa/